Mintmoney is an app that allows you to earn hassle-free, stable passive income. Users can currently earn up to 16% p.a. without any lock-in period.

Cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance have huge opportunities and rewards. But it has a technology barrier and complex steps in the investment process. We make it easy for you.

Mintmoney is built by experts who have experience of more than 10 years in design & tech. The founders of Mintmoney are Mihir Naik, Nimish Patel, Heli Naik & Green team.

Only if you want to deposit fiat. If you deposit crypto, KYC is not mandatory.

Security & Risk

When there is a reward, there is a risk. We advise you to carefully read, understand and take legal or financial advice from experts before investing. At mintmoney we do not provide any investment, legal, financial or tax-related advice. We are technology enablers and provide secure, stable & easy way to invest in crypto. All the transactions happening via mintmoney are digital and can't be reversible. At mintmoney we're doing our best to keep you away from loss and reduce your risk. here are some of the risks and how we are managing them for you. Crypto market's high volatility risk: We all know that the cryptocurrency and digital assets markets are highly volatile. One time you can book high profit and next you may go dip. To avoid this risk, we provide stable investment options. In stable investment, we only invest in stable coins and low volatility. However stable coins may lose their value in rare cases because of bad market conditions. Network or Protocol risk: To give you high and stable returns, we provide you investment options in Decentralised Finance and Blockchain-based protocols like,,, These networks are growing but there may be bugs, hacks, or technical failures. To avoid this risk, we perform detailed investigations, check past history, risk management and invest our own money to make sure that we safeguard your investments. We also regularly keep monitoring these protocols, check their code, and even contribute with our technical expertise.


At Mintmoney, we do not generate returns but we identify secure, stable, investable opportunities, which generate returns. These opportunities are either Defi protocols, Exchanges, or Blockchain-based networks. We provide them liquidity by doing investment and in return, they provide us high returns . These returns are high because we are investing in code or blockchain-based technology platforms so they have low operational cost compared to traditional finance system.

No. You can withdraw whenever you want. No question asked.

No. It may vary based on market conditions. You can use mintmoney app to keep updated with the return rates in real time.

Deposit & Withdraw

Yes during the early phase minimum investment amount is 5000 INR/ 65 USD. There is no limit on withdrawal, you can withdraw any amount anytime.


Write us at [email protected] or connect with our founder :) you can also connect with us on our social media account.

Write us at [email protected] or connect with our founder :) you can also connect with us on our social media account.

For crypto, it's immediately based on network processing time. For fiat, we are working on integration. so stay tuned.

Fees & Tax

No, mintmoney does not charge any fees. you just need to pay minor transactions and currency conversation fees which are low and go to partners.

Not right now. But we are working on it to help you better.


You are right. There should be a valid reason to do it. There are 3 points which can help in making a decision whether you should do it or not. 1. For your portfolio diversification. In Mintmoney app, we have stable investment options which are safe compared to investing in highly volatile DeFi and cryptocurrencies. 2. Future is digital. We all spend more time online than offline and digital assets can be a good way to earn better returns. 3. In Mintmoney, stable 16%* p.a. is a much better option to beat crypto volatility. We give better returns compared to bank's FD, and also better performance compared to mutual funds in some cases. Plus there is no lock-in period providing more flexibility. Note, Investment subjects to market risk so do own research, read everything carefully before investing.

Crypto & DeFi

Currency issued by a government that we all use in traditional finance. Like USD is the fiat currency of the United States and INR is for India.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency like Bitcoin. In which transactions are verified and records maintained by a decentralized system using cryptography, rather than by a centralized authority like any government or bank.

A cryptocurrency with fixed price or pegged to a “stable” fiat currency like U.S. dollar or an asset like gold. Mostly it's fiat currency.

DeFi is a short form of Decentralized finance. Decentralized finance is an ecosystem of blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and code that make it possible to lend, save, trade,borrow, and more — all without any kind of bank or payment processor in the middle and all open source. Mintmoney is not DeFi but mix of DeFi and CeFi (centralized Finance) where we use some benefits like easy to use & security from CeFi and high yield from DeFi.

FUD mean Fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Generally, people with bad intentions use this propaganda to promote digital assets or projects in the market for their own benefit. Consider Mintmoney is totally opposite to FUD :)

WAGMI stands for 'We are all gonna make it'. That's what the acronym mintmoney community use. We all can win & generate wealth together.

more questions? write us at [email protected] or connect with our founder :)